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    November 24, 2008


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    Grant Griffiths

    What a lot of bloggers forget, once you put it out there it is out there forever. This whole post, comments, post, comments and more... was a tragic example of what happens when you let your ego get in the way.

    While such replies to commenting might be what your "real life" voice might be, putting it on the web will almost always come back and jump up and bite you somewhere. We all have to be cautious of how we use our voice. How we write reflects directly on how we are perceived in our target audience too.

    Great post and thanks for what you had to say.


    Grant, you're absolutely right that hasty web comments--for all that they may feel conversational and almost anonymous--will always come back to bite you. But what I think is most disturbing about the fracas at the blogs in question is that it's not that the authors have forgotten, it's that they just don't care. At this point I think it is probably less a case acting in haste than it is a personality thing. Perhaps ego, as you say.

    Thanks for commenting, Grant. I'm a big fan of your blog.


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