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    February 18, 2008


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    Congrats on the blog!

    Your client posed a really great question re: blog vs. email campaign. I've posed some thoughts on my blog, but here's the main takeaways:

    1) Blogs are viral.
    2) Blogs can have voice; email is a marketing message.
    3) Email Marketing is selling, but blogging is branding.
    4) Blogs have history.
    5) Blogs have great search benefits.

    You can check out my post at:

    Enjoy, and congrats again on launching your own's to eating our own dog food!




    Good points, Seth, thanks for joining in the conversation! It is also worth mentioning that retention rate for clients who come to your business from your blog is overwhelmingly higher than those who come from any other source, even those who have had an advisor recommend you. Food for thought.


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