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    March 24, 2008


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    Mark Merenda

    I don't think women can ever dominate this field as long as their primary online activities are surfing the web for porn sites and checking sports scores. But that's just my opinion.

    Seth Brady


    I absolutely agree with your statements about blogs being an "instantaneous, transcontinental, cross-cultural discussion".

    I would also go one step further and say that the really influential blogs are more like viruses in that it has potency (offering instant global reach), acts like an epidemic (can spread quickly across demographic and cultural boundaries) and can often mutate beyond it's original form (as more and more readers engage and contribute to the discussion). It's no longer a case of a famous New York Times journalist writing a column that someone in Kenya has almost no hope of ever reading.

    Today we live in a world where bloggers have clout, influence, and a select few have enough power that they're able to change the course of corporate policy. Just Google Jeff Jarvis and Dell Hell if you want to see how one blogger changed a multi-billion dollar company's approach to social media.

    When it comes to the male vs female-dominated future, I'll leave that for braver souls to debate. In the meantime, you may want to check out a recent post I did about Kodak appointing their first "Chief Blogger" (who also happens to be a woman and very actively engaged in the blogosphere).



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